Our overarching mission at Turkish National Dairy Council (TNDC) is to promote Turkish dairy sector to make Turkey a leading pacemaker country in the world on both milk production and consumption level.

Our Work

Our some of the key areas of focus are:

  1. Data collection regarding to dairy sector, carrying out studies on risk analysis and risk management within the framework of national and international developments in the dairy industry, creating effective strategies, building projects/developing plans and implementing and/or assisting to be implemented them.
  2. Doing researches about milk and dairy products on both national and international level, creating working groups or committees when needed, sharing the results of the researches with the members of the Council and relevant bodies.
  3. Enlightening the policy makers and creating public opinion about the importance of dairy by preparing reports.
  4. Affiliating with organisations operating similar activities in other countries, being member of relevant international organisations when needed.
  5. Increasing consumer awareness.

We also touch on many areas related to dairy market including:

  1. Calculating regional cost of milk production on a regular basis and declaring if needed.
  2. Creating a platform in which all shareholders of the national sector can negotiate and designate a recommended raw milk price.
  3. Monitoring the trends of dairy commodities and reporting them to the members of the Council and relevant bodies when needed.
  4. Collecting both national and international dairy statistics and sharing the collected data with relevant bodies.
  5. Taking on tasks for market regulations.

TNDC is a non-profit organization that represents the interest of all the shareholders of the whole dairy supply chain.